My Nail Care Routine

I’m often being asked how I keep my nails so nice. It is certainly a regimented routine, but I love having long nails so to me it is worth it. My hands have always been quite old looking even when I was a teenager so keeping my nails looking nice (sort of) helps me feel better about my hands.

So, here goes, this is what I do on a regular basis.

I apply some sort of cuticle treatment at least three times a day whether it be oil, cream, balm or a softener. At the moment my go to product is ‘China Glaze Orange Cuticle Oil’,

I run the brush around my cuticles and massage it in. It smells divine and certainly does the trick. When I don’t have this to hand I also use


Tiana extra virgin Coconut Oi.
About once a month I’ll also use Seche ‘Soft Cuticle Softener’, it absorbs into the skin in under a minute, contains no caustic ingredients, so it’s safe to use everyday to eliminate unnecessary cuticle cutting and delivers a vitamin boost.
This list is by no means exclusive, as I am always trying new products, but the main thing I’d say is, it doesn’t matter what you apply, just make sure you do it regularly.

Obviously it goes without saying and is common knowledge that if you have a good diet then it helps. I also – when I can afford to like to take a Collagen supplement from Proto-col which makes my nails really strong. They are quite pricey but really work.

I swear by the use of a crystal nail file and use Leighton Denny‘s, you can use this in a sawing motion if you like and it won’t damage your nails like metal or sand paper files can. I tend to file my nails at least once a week if possible.

I rarely use a buffer as they tend to make my nails weak and then they split easily. However I do get ridges and so probably buff about every six weeks or so. I don’t use a particular brand, just whatever comes to hand really.

Before applying polish I apply some sort of nail treatment, my latest being Nail Kale from Nails Inc, but I also like A&E by Nails Inc too.

I then apply a ridge filler if I am not doing a textured mani, this is my favourite right now – China Glaze Ridge Filler.

As you are probably aware if you look at my blog regularly I tend to use Nails Inc polish, mainly because the quality is consistent, it is self levelling and long lasting, however I don’t use this exclusively and love to try something new. I love Seche Vite ‘Dry Fast Top Coat’ as it adds an amazing shine.

I don’t know if this is true, but I seem to find that my nail health is better if I keep polish on most of the time.

When I have bare nails or between polish application I try to soak my nails in hot oil or apply oil a number of times on the nail plate and underneath, something as simple and cheap as Almond oil is great for this.

I tend to use anything by Philosophy, however they seem to change their hand cream every couple of years or so, but at the moment I am using ‘Hands Of Hope‘, which is great for me as I can’t tolerate perfume and this product is fragrance free.

So there you go, this is my routine. If you have found anything that helps you then please do let me know.



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