MoYou Stamping plates Review

Recently I invested in some MoYou Stamping plates. MoYou is a U.K based company and I have seen them mentioned a lot amongst the nail community and so despite having problems with stamping in the past I thought I’d give them a go. 
The plates come in gorgeous retro style packaging with stylish graphics – each collection has a female stylised character and a gorgeous patterned background, my degree is in 3D Graphic Design so you can understand my appreciation for these beautiful packs. The plate slides in and out of the cardboard sleeve so that you can keep your plates protected on an ongoing basis. Another thing noticeable about these plates is that they are mounted onto a white plastic base with rounded edges, which I presume is to protect users from the sharp edges of the metal plate.  I spent ages browsing through the different options before I ordered and finally decided on these:

When brand new (as with most plates) they come with a thin film over the front of them, it is quite therapeutic to peel that off to reveal a brand new glimmering silver plate. On first glance the images seem to be carved deeper than plates I used many moons ago, which made me hopeful. I also ordered a rectangular squishy stamp and a scraper which is basically a shrunken down credit card and they all seem to work well in conjunction with each other. 

The stamper is much softer than ones I have used before and it seems to flex to the shape of my nails well. The images transferred really well with a lot of detail.  That said, I am still new to this but here are a couple of examples of designs I have stamped. I tend to put on a Gelish manicure and then stamp using normal polish, then if the image doesn’t stamp well, I can remove it with non acetone remover and therefore not have to start from scratch as my base colour will still be there. I have to say that I am very impressed so far but I need lots of practice. 
This is my first attempt. So a bit unclear but I was happy after my many failed attempts years ago. 
I then did some research online on how I could improve and this is my second attempt which I love.
They are available from for £4.99 each

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