It’s been too long


I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around much lately, I got married on July 4th and so being creative & pretty tight, I wanted to design my own wedding. The theme ending up being along the lines of ‘Rustic Bling’ with dusty pink and champagne as my colours. Most of my free time when I didn’t have my little fella Thomas around has been taken up with all that so not much nail stuff happening. That said I have my wedding nails to show you, however I didn’t get round to taking the photo until 3 days after the big day so it isn’t a great shot and also a bit blurred, but hey ho, you get the idea.

I used All That Jazz ‘Filigree Stickers’ in the design ‘Daisy’ They were a bit fiddly to use but once you got the hang of it it was O.K. I was applying them at about 2.00 a.m. the morning of my wedding!

Here are a few shots of other aspects of our day

This is Thomas and my niece Kaziah

I hope that you get the general idea of the theme from these, we had a lovely day and all came together in the end. 


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