Misa ‘Be My Lover’

I’ve recently found Misa polish, I bought them from my wholesaler and they have been sitting in my manicure room for months now, but today, for some reason I decided to have a pink day and so put on ‘Be My Lover’ and I love it. It’s funny isn’t it, a few years back most people only wore pink and red nail polish – however I wasn’t one of them, I have been wearing a multiple of colours since my late teens, my mum used to hate me wearing dark colours (in fact she still does!) but it didn’t stop me – I used to do simple nail art dots, stripes, checks etc. over twenty years ago (Ooops, I’m showing my age now!) then stopped when life got busy and I was focussing on my career, but now I love it again. I digress… ‘Be My Lover’ is a beautiful creamy dusty pink with a slight blue hue to it, it painted on well and has an almost jelly finish to it but also covers the nail well (if that makes sense). I hope that you like it as much as I do!
Have a great weekend all. 

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