Little Ondine

I recently discovered an all natural brand called ‘Little Ondine’ They caught my eye because in the future I’d like to be able to do childrens nails at fetes and school fairs and this brand is composed of natural resin, organic colourants and water and has no nasty chemicals or odour. It is even possible to remove chemical free as it simply peels off, however that is where it fell down for me as it lasted less than 6 hours on my nails.
This is how it looked when I’d painted.
It was a good fluid texture to apply, had a nice wide full brush however this is three coats and it still needed another one in my opinion. It took a little longer to dry than most of my other polishes however I didn’t use my fast drying top coat as I normally do as it advises on the website to not mix the brand with other polishes – whether this is just a marketing ploy, who knows. I admit I didn’t buy their top coat so I guess that may have extended the way it lasted. To be fair, I was washing my baby in the bath when it started to peel off, but I did wait over the recommend drying time of one hour before washing my hands and six before this happened.
This is how it looked after bathing Thomas:
I ended up just peeling the whole lot off which was quite a satisfying process but obviously disappointing. I remember having a similar polish over twenty years ago, which wasn’t a hit for me as it did the same thing, however for young girls it could work as they would love having nails painted even for just a few hours and I’d feel better applying an all natural product and I’m sure parents would be happier too. So, in conclusion, although it didn’t work for me, I believe it has it’s place in the market, however it is quite expensive for a childrens market with prices starting from £8.40 upwards to £11.00 for glitters. 
To find out more and see their lovely colour range, head on over to their website

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