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Nail answers

I recently did a “If you could ask me anything about Nails, what would you ask?” on my Facebook Page so thought I would share my answers with you. I hope that my replies are helpful.


Q: What’s the best way to strengthen my nails? I’ve stopped biting them, after having bitten them since I was a child. I moisturise my hands and nails daily, is there anything else I can do?

A: Good question Debbie as everyone is different. Firstly well done for stopping biting and regularly moisturising, as well as moisturiser, have you tried applying cuticle oil on and under your nails at least twice a day?. Also it has been proven that it is best for your nails to keep nail polish on all of the time as it prevents the nail bed soaking up water which softens the nail which in turn makes them susceptible to damage. If you can’t wear nail polish colours to work you can always use a matte clear polish.

If you’d like to try a professional product then I’d highly recommend IBX. It is a nail strengthener which isn’t available in High street stores, it actually penetrates the nail with the help of both essential oils and heat (similar to how butter melts into toast) and an LED lamp, it strengthens and repairs your nails within.

The only downside is that it requires ongoing treatment which in turn requires investment in your time especially at the beginning of treatment – once a week until you start to see improvements and then once a month for maintenance. The treatment has great results in most people but you do need to be aware that if you have always had weak nails they aren’t going to change overnight.

Also – when I can afford to, I like to take a Collagen supplement from Proto-col which make my nails really strong. They are quite pricey but really work.


Q: I do tend to get quite a lot of ridges across my nails. Is there anything I can do about this? Sorry I’m not great at this pampering malarkey.

A: Hi Claire, I too get ridges up my nails and I tend to buff them out about every 6 weeks, it’s best not to use a buffer any more frequently as it thins the nails. I also use ridge filler before applying nail polish Also see my reply to Debbie above about IBX which may help. If the ridges are across the nail, it could be due to damage, illness or arthritis. I have arthritis in my right hand and my nail is a very weird shape. I also get ridges across my nail when I have had a particularly bad run of M.E. or had an operation. I use gel polish (structure gel) to disguise this or self levelling nail polish. I hope that helps?


Q: What can i use to stop my nails splitting at the sides xx

A: Hi Jac, I suggest that you invest in a crystal nail file and very gently file your nails every week. Also oil your nails at least twice a day and more if you are constantly putting them in water, gardening or anything else which puts them at risk. If you go to a nail tech in your area you can ask her to apply acrylic powder when you are having your Gels done which will strengthen them. I hope that helps? any other questions, just ask. If you check the blog post I have replied above, it explains about a supplement I take which is expensive but makes your nails really strong,


Q: Hi Amanda, I think my nails are too short for nail art can you work with shorter nails as I don’t want to grow them! Thanks

A: Of course Anna, you don’t have to have nail art, just a simple manicure can look beautiful and the array of colours available makes possibilities endless. Have you thought about having loose glitter applied to a Gel manicure? or just simple nail art on your ring finger like spots? Your manicurist can also create the illusion of longer nails if you’d like them to with nail polish, she will just leave a slight gap down the side of each nail when applying so when you see the polish it appears that your nails are thinner & longer – if that makes sense? However, that said, nails are never too short for nail art if you’d like it, have you thought about stamping which is very effective?. If you type in ‘Nail art for short nails’ into google or pinterest you’ll see that anything is possible. I hope that helps? x


Q: Hi Amanda, what’s the best product for getting and keeping my cuticles soft please.x

A: Hi Sonia, Thanks for posting your question. I tend to use a number of different products as I am obsessed with keeping my cuticles nice because I am photographing my hands so regularly. My current ‘go to’ products are Lush ‘Lemony Flutter’, it is quite expensive because you get loads of it so you might like to share it with a friend. I also buy natural Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil, plus regularly apply hand cream to my cuticles when I am sitting at my desk or watching T.V. For more details on other tricks I use take a look at my blog post from last year: My Nail Care Routine.


If you have any questions, please do post below.



4 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything – The Answers

  1. Such good tips! I am completely lost at managing my nails unless I go to a salon. I always seem to break my nails and I am HORRIBLE at painting them myself. Any tips of the best kind of polish for a poor painter to use at home that will go on easy and dry quickly?


    • Hi Alex, Thanks for your comment. I recommend rubbing in oil as often as you remember as I said above, I’d say invest in a polish above £10 as most of them are self levelling – e.g. Leighton Denny, Nails inc, O.P.I then look on the internet and buy Seche Vite Dry fast top coat, it is amazing and your nails will be touch dry in minutes. I hope that helps. x


      • Totally helpful! I sat for 40 minutes after painting my nails the other day and still smudged them when I got dressed – so annoying!


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