My Morgan Taylor Shelfie

Hello again friends!

I have decided to share with you guys my whole nail polish collection over time (or at least the main brands). Therefore every so often I will photograph a certain brand all together as a collection and list them all. This will also help me to stop buying duplicates!.

Today I have my small Morgan Taylor collection. I buy my M.T’s from Sallys, but you can also buy them in the U.K. from M&S and Nail Polish Direct.

Morgan Taylor shelfie

My collection consists of:

Little Misfit – Lavender & Aqua Duo-chrome

Birthday Suit – Taupe nude creme

J’adore My Mani – Fuchsia glitter in pink jelly base

All Dolled Up – Hot pink shimmer

Kung Fu-Chsia – Fuchsia pearl

If The Slipper Fits – Baby blue with holo hex glitter

Little Princess – Sheer pink glitter

My Carriage Awaits – Peach creme

Royal Applique – Translucent purple

Ivy Applique – Translucent green

Cherry Applique – Translucent red

Sunset Yellow Applique – Translucent yellow

Amber Rush Applique – Translucent orange

Morgan Taylor collection


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