The problem with independent nail polish brands

I don’t like to be negative on my blog but I feel I need to write about this. A few weeks back I saw advertised on a selection of social media an indie brand polish ‘Special Edition’ I was so excited as the colour looked a perfect match for a new top I had bought, in fact I was that excited that I posted a comment on their Facebook page “Oh, I love it, I’ve ordered mine, I can’t wait!!!!! :-)”. To cut a long story short, I ordered from my local supplier and lets just say – I was very disappointed. This photo below shows the colour advertised:

Dodgy coloured laquer

and this was the colour I received:

CBL Enjoy-mint

Now admittedly, I am not great at taking photos, but this photo is pretty true to the colour in the bottle. I did mention it on the companies social media, even suggesting that mine may have got mixed up and I’d been sent the wrong colour, but my supplier just said “In this swatch photo it does appear lighter, but in other swatch photos I’ve seen its darker, so its the right polish, different lighting can make polishes appear lighter :)” I was pretty disappointed at that reaction as I believe the swatch was misleading. So, I guess the moral of the story is – the problem with buying online is that you can never really tell what you are getting, especially with Indie brands as different batches can vary.

That said, it won’t stop me buying from Indie brands in the future, especially as this was not one of my favourite brands anyway, I just feel that I need to put this out there.


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