Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Up for review today is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I was sent a couple of colours and the top coat to try out and review.

Saly Hansen Prod shot 2

The colours I was sent were ‘120 Bare to Dare’ a gorgeous cream nude and ‘400 Smartease’ a girly pink. To be honest the pink isn’t really my sort of colour but I loved the cream nude. I applied 2 coats of the pink and 3 of the cream for full coverage, the first coat was streaky but do persist, as you can see it resulted in a Gel “look” manicure.

Sally Hansen 2 colours

I applied it thinking it would dry pretty fast as I had seen reviews on Amazon saying so, however my experience wasn’t like that at all – I spent around 15 mins waiting for it to dry after applying the topcoat but it was still tacky, I then had to drive somewhere, I got into the car and put on my seatbelt really carefully and drove for a further 15 mins in bright sunlight and it was a warm day so presumed it would dry in that time but it was still pliable, I then had to pick up my son and unfortunately it still wasn’t dry enough and it got dented so I had to start again later. I found that in the end I was too busy to sit around waiting for it to dry completely so I used my Seche Vite fast drying top coat over the top which helped to speed up the drying time a little, however it was still not rock hard but pliable for a while, but it helped. This is the official reasoning behind this technology direct from Sally Hansen:

“The advanced Color Coat and Top Coat formulas contain an oligomer, and the Top Coat also contains a photoinitiator. The photoinitiator in the Top Coat formula reticulates with the oligomer contained in the Color Coat, thus curing the formula without the need of an LED/UV light. As the manicure cures over time, it becomes more durable due to the increased hardness of the film. So LED/UV lamp curing is not necessary, only natural light.”

S.H. Bare Dare

I’m not that keen on the colours which the first photo shows, this is a more accurate image of ‘120 Bare to Dare’

As for claim that this product lasts longer than the average polish, I tend to agree. I personally had the 120 on for seven days (before I had to take it off because I was going into hospital) and a friend who works in catering also tested it out for me, polish only usually lasts one to two days on her but she got five out of this. I am pretty sure that you could get more time out of it if you were gentle on your nails and don’t have a lifestyle which puts your nails under a lot of strain all of the time. So overall in conclusion, I’d say, if you have time to let the product dry properly e.g. while you are watching a film or something then it is definitely worth buying, also using a fast dry top coat over it seemed to help so that is worth keeping in mind and looking after your nails as best as possible goes without saying.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried it – how many days did you get?

*Kindly note that the seller has provided me with a free sample of this product in exchange for an unbiased review


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