My ‘Go To’ every day hand lotion

Today I am going to let you into a little secret of mine.

With the cold weather on it’s way it is so important to keep your hands moisturised throughout the day and while you sleep. Every time you wash your hands you are washing away important natural oils that form a protective shield on your skin, and as we have all probably experienced – if you neglect your hands they could become dry, cracked and painful. Your hands are one of the first parts to show signs of aging, the skin is very thin and continuously exposed to environmental damage so here is my economical secret to every day protection:

Sainsbury’s Little Ones Baby Lotion


I am sensitive to smells and therefore need to be careful when purchasing product that they don’t contain artificial perfumes etc. Because this is aimed at babies it is hypoallergenic, colour & fragrance free and most importantly does not contains any controversial parabens (propylparaben, ethylparaben & methylparaben).

This lotions sinks in quickly but leaves no sticky or slippy residue. It contains Vitamin E which is known to fight off free radicals and Shea Butter which is incredibly nourishing and moisturising and is reported to aid in the skin’s natural collagen production.

As I say above, this is my go to hand lotion which I use after hand washing and throughout the day at my desk, but I must add that I use others overnight and when I leave the house which I talk about in this Nail Care Routine post.

So at a silly price of 80 pence for 500 ml, why not give it a go and let me know your thoughts.

*Please note, this is not a sponsored post, I am not being paid to promote this product, this is my own personal opinion and preference.


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