Picture Polish bright striped Nails

Over the weekend, I was very lucky to meet up with an old friend who was visiting from Australia, I know that she has so many people to see while here, so it meant a lot that I got to catch up with her and her other half plus – she very kindly agreed to bring over with her a small order I placed with piCture pOlish meaning they were a lot cheaper than buying them in this country – how amazing is that! She also bought me some glitters over, but that’s for another day!

I got five polishes and ‘Peel Off Glitter Base’, I have used four of the lovely polishes here in this mani.

Now all of the polish consistencies are on the thicker side (but completely manageable), and cover in two coats. The stripes are hand painted using a very fine brush.

The colours used are:

Lilac – Eerie

Sky Blue – Salt Water

Green – Honey Moon

Raspberry – Shocked

Picture Polish stripes

Then topped off by my fave top coat Seche Vite.


Good as Gold

Gold Polishes

Hello Lovelies!

Today is a rather grim day in the U.K. at least it is in the South, it’s raining, raining, raining, so I thought I’d brighten it up with a few swatches of some of my gold polishes in my collection.

Here we have the following polishes:

Nails Inc – Lanesborough Place

Picture Polish – Magic

Femme Fatale – Euna

ILNP – I See You

4 Gold Polishes

I have been collecting Nails Inc polishes for over 5 years, therefore I am not sure that this colour is still available to buy, however if you did want it I’m sure it can be found on eBay or on Facebook Nails Inc swap pages if you keep an eye out.

PiCture POlish is an Australian brand but you can buy the range from a number of online outlets including Hypnotic PolishRainbow Connection, Live Love Polish, Harlow & Co, The Nailista Shop & Color4nails.

Femme Fatale cosmetics is a reasonably new brand to me, they do some great thermal polishes including ‘Glass Coffin‘ one of my favourites, so if you haven’t already, I urge you to pop over to one of their distributors here.

Last but most definately not least ILNP. This is currently my favourite brand, I LOVE everything about them, their packaging is beautiful, the formula applies like a dream, it dries quickly and has staying power. I drool over the colours and my collection is growing rather quickly even though in reality I own enough polish to last me ten lifetimes so don’t really need anymore! You can buy from  ILNP directly, from Rainbow Connection or on Etsy (However the postage is very expensive here if you are only buying a couple). Also there are a number of Indie nail polish selling sites on Facebook such as this one – Nail Sale where if you keep an eye out, you can snap up a bargain every so often.

So, there you go, some beautiful golds from four great brands, go check them out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Grace from piCture pOlish with MoYou White Knight & UberChic stamping

Howdee! Today I have a mani using one of my favourite colours ‘Grace‘ from piCture pOlish. What a beautiful beautiful colour it is, I just love the dusky pink colour which much like the previous post ‘Cosmos’ has a scatter holo that dries smooth on the nail and is enhanced by a generous application of top coat. It is described on the official website as “Inspired by a beautiful princess” which I can totally relate to, I can be a bit girly given the chance and pink and sparkly is me to a tee. 
Here I have stamped on my ring finger with MoYou ‘White Knight‘ using one of my lovely UberChic plates and added crystals on the other fingers. Looking back I wish I had applied another coat over the white stamp to mute it down a little but I still love it just as it is. 

piCture pOlish ‘Cosmos’

Today I have piCture pOlishCosmos‘ & the gorgeous Esmaltes Da Kelly ‘Laguna‘ holo polish, stamped using the Betina plate B-13.


I believe this polish has been around since about 2012 and was made as part of the Collaboration series with Camille of Pshiiit, it is made by the fantastic company piCture pOlish, I love love love their products, they are in fact the manufacturers of one of my all time favourite polishes ‘Grace‘ which I’ll show you in my next post. 


A n y w a y . . . I was going off track there a little. ‘Cosmos’ is is wonderfully 5 free and reminds me of a starry starry night. It is a Navy blue jelly with an awesome scatter of holo that glides on perfectly and dries flat for a flawless finish. I have used two coats here. 


For a list of piCture pOlish stockists if you are not in Australia – click here.


This is one of a number of Betina plates I own and I love it. You can purchase from here


I bought the stunning Esmaltes Da Kelly ‘Laguna‘ holo polish from Rainbow Connection and is one of many amazing ultra holos available. I urge you to go and check them out if you haven’t done so already!
Have a good week.